Parish Priest:   Fr. Dominic Innamorati S.C.J. B.A.

Deacon:   Rev. Mick McKearney

Religious Communities

Priests and Brothers of the Sacred Heart

Founder Saint Michael Garicoits

Availability and love were the distinctive marks that Saint Michael sought to imprint on his religious community of 1835. This is the double movement which, in his opinion, must animate the vocation of all Christians. Hence, it was to be the guiding light of the newly constituted Priests of the Sacred Heart:

“Oh! If only we could gather together a society of priests having for their programme the very programme of the Heart of Jesus. Absolute generosity and obedience, perfect simplicity, unchanging gentleness! ... To exert the immensity of charity in the limits of their position, imitating Mary, the Servant of the Lord.”






Sisters working in the Parish of Saints John and Martin:

Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

2 St Laurence Road
B31 2AR

Telephone: 0121 475 4949

Sisters of Charity of St Paul (S.C.S.P.)

St Paul's Convent
94 Selly Park Road
Selly Park
B29 7LL

Telephone: 0121 415 6100



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