Parish Priest:   Fr. Jagadishmario Kurapati M.F.

Deacon:   Rev. Mick McKearney

The Church


The Church of Saints John and Martin

The Parish was served from Saint Anne's Bradford Street in the centre of Birmingham from 1859 to 1903 at the Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist. The present Parish Church was built in 1896 and later naves were added as it is today and the first school was built in 1911.

After the second world war between 1945 to 1960 as the congregation grew to about 4800, the new Parish of Saint Martin de Porres was built in 1967. At about this time the first school of Saint John's was replaced and re-situated in Chantry Road where it is today.

Altar and stained glass windows

In the 1970s the Irish Catholic population began to move away from the centre of the city and, because numbers declined at Saint Martin's, it was rejoined with Saint John's in 1977, hence its present name.

Once more the Parish has a missionary dimension, it welcomes asylum seekers and students from other lands, but remains with an active and outgoing congregation.

The Parish cares for the nurturing, formation and spiritual growth of its parishioners and regularly runs the following programmes:

•; First Communion and Confirmation Programmes for children and adults •  Journey in Faith (RCIA).


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